Zorb & Bubble Football UK is an exciting day out for all

Bubble Boy Events offers the best Bubble Football packages in the UK, with local venue arrangements and great extras on offer.

hitting the football between two bubbles

We are a London-based startup that has burst onto the Bubble Football scene to offer affordable and bespoke packages on the game, which are venue-inclusive.

What Is Bubble Football?

Bubble Football, or zorb football, is combining the best aspects of two completely different things to create a truly unique experience. The well-loved sport of football being played in giant bubbles is what creates the term bubble football - an interesting twist for you to try and play in, it becomes an incredibly hilarious activity to try out with all types of people: whether it be friends, family or even complete strangers.

two people playing bubble football in a UK field
Nick Watkins from Bubble Boys

Nick Watkins

Co - Founder / Managing Director
Zac Wilson From Bubble Boys

Zac Wilson

Co - Founder
Ben Davy From Bubble Boys

Ben Davy

Co - Founder / Managing Director

Jamie Harvey

Business Development

Jonny Breeze

Head of Accounts

1,000+ Office Socials

10,000+ Events

Award Winning

Stag do's and parties

O U R    V I S I O N

To be the house name for Bubble Football. We want to make the sport exciting and affordable, for all office socials, parties and general events.


Since starting the business whilst at University, the three Bubble Boy Events have transformed the start-up into a thriving business. They've been through hilarious office socials, wild stag-do's and great get-togethers all over the UK since beginning their adventure.



Our hand-picked moments to treasure from the Bubble Boy Events venture.


May, 2013

Bubble Boy Events found the company whilst at University, after identifying a gap in the market and acquiring investment to move forward.

June, 2013

The company’s first website is launched as they gain local attention.

October, 2013

Established London headquarters.


October, 2014

The business wins a 'Business of the Year' award for 2014 after being a highly successful start-up in their area.


May, 2016

The business gets an all-new look! A fresh website pushes the business further forward for bubble football.


January, 2017

We acquired London Bubble Football offering the best venues in London exclusively and at the best prices.

November, 2017

Achieved 10,000th bubble football event


January, 2018

The release of the kids bubble bonanza package.